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NOTE: The preferred function plug-in solution is now the R Integration Pack -- please see for more details.

The R Integration Pack is an evolution of the FPWizard and a better approach for developing and deploying advanced analytics from R to MicroStrategy. The primary difference is in the ease-of-use of the two approaches:
  • The FPWizard deploys R Analytics as MicroStrategy functions, which requires Microsoft Visual Studio and the MicroStrategy FPWizard add-in to compile each analytic into object code that is imported into MicroStrategy metadata.
  • This R Integration Pack eliminates the requirement for Visual Studio and compilation by providing a set of generic RScript functions that allow R analytics to be deployed to MicroStrategy as metrics instead of functions. MicroStrategy metrics are higher level objects that are generally easier to deploy than MicroStrategy functions.
  • Both approaches include a user interface for capturing of the analytic's "signature", the details about the analytic's inputs, outputs and any other essential characteristics. The FPWizard user interface was part of MicroStrategy FPWizard add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. The corresponding user interface for the R Integration Pack is available through the R package "RIntegrationPack" and it's "deployR" utility.

Function Plug-in Wizard Project Description
The MicroStrategy Function Plug-in Wizard (FP Wizard) is a Visual Studio C++ Template for creating MicroStrategy Function Plug-ins, which allow the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform to execute a user's own custom functions.

Once the FP Wizard is installed, a new template will be available for your C++ projects. New C++ projects can be created using this template and the FP Wizard will allow you to specify all the relevant details, such as capturing each function's signature (inputs/outputs/properties). Once you finish entering the information about your function, the FP Wizard will create a C++ project with all code necessary for MicroStrategy to pass inputs to your functions and consume the results. All you need to do is add the function execution code, compile and deploy your DLL to MicroStrategy.

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